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Various (a/ADHD/severe learning disability)  


Maddy. King
New Member
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21/05/2019 11:22 pm  

it being very difficult to get paperwork for an Early Help Plan to access Direct Payments (at a time I was desperate for some help for our family). (We couldn't reaccess CHAD social services as no paperwork for an Early Help Plan I'd had for 9 months. No luck with complaining to Headteacher at the time about SENCO not making Direct Payment referral - she was 'disappointed' in me for making a complaint. New Headteacher initially reluctant for previous SENCO to produce EHP paperwork. Local Cluster Team manager provided input when EHP produced 2 months later - but he admitted 'holding my horses' regarding accessing Direct Payments and said I'd have a 'nervous breakdown'. Scope said our paediatrician had 'raised my hopes' about Direct Payments - though a year later they helped the new SENCO complete the refferal. Direct Payments awarded at first RADAR panel 1.5 years after first requested by paediatrician - though fortunately some ADHD medication prescribed by the paediatrician helped our son's behaviours in the interim.)
- my sons EHCP not being uploaded to SENSAP/ when it was a year later, it has been marked urgent two months ago & I'm still waiting - it needs to be updated for a change to specialist provision in September 2020. 
- I'm trying to get the tree protection order lifted on a tree in our garden so we can build our extension partly funded by CHAD OT DFG (a charitable organisation is trying to help me).
-ICAN OT don't assess or advise regarding sensory seeking behaviours, which can impede self-care and learning.

-Council refused to provide a Blue Badge twice, then after attending Cerebra DLA training at AWARE, I was successful in getting a Blue Badge via appealing his mobility element of DLA. (Which is frustrating for my friend as I gave her the same information, but despite having twins she's been refused high rate mobility twice recently! Her evidence should be much stronger than the two clinic letters I sent, but somehow it isn't!)


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